Dining out? Restaurant Dos & Don’ts

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The Arabic Food Recipes kitchen (The Home of Delicious Arabic Food Recipes) presents Dining out? Restaurant Dos & Don’ts.

Is it rude to tweet about a luscious treacle tart at dinner? Or take a phone call when your starter is being served?

It’s an issue that has London divided in a Zagat London Restaurants survey released Wednesday that asked respondents to weigh on the issue.

According to the 5,500 diners answering the survey, 53 percent said it’s “rude and inappropriate” to text, tweet or talk on the phone while dining at the table.

A trans-Atlantic comparison reveals that the Brits — who have a historic reputation as the exemplification of etiquette and manners — are more forgiving than their American counterparts.

In Los Angeles, for example, more than half of Zagat readers — 67 percent — said it was rude to text and dine, while 64 percent of New Yorkers shared the same opinion.

Meanwhile, preserving your Michelin meal or epic triple-decker sandwich on camera was considered acceptable by the majority of diners, with 74 percent of Londoners saying it was “ok.”

Source: AFPrelaxnews – Zagat.com

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